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A hair do

As you must know by now, I try to wash my hair only once a week. That means that...

Fashion Philosophy


I love fashion and everything about it; looking at amazing garments online, shopping in stores, creating outfits in my head, getting dressed everyday and constantly checking out what everyone else is wearing.

In my dreams I have an unlimited amount of funds in my bank account to purchase all of the high-end designer wears my heart desires.  However, in reality I have to be selective about what I choose to spend my money on.  Therefore, I spend a lot of time investigating brands online and then vetting them in stores (when possible).  There is nothing more satisfying than finding great clothes, shoes or accessories for a reasonable price.

My style is classic, simple and (hopefully) flawless.

Classic in choosing pieces that are timeless; never out of style and always take my look to the next level.  These are the pieces that I tend to invest the most money in since they will last indefinitely.

Simple in not trying too hard, i.e. not falling victim to passing trends or choosing items that do not fit properly, are poorly made and/or not true to your brand.  Know what works for you and your body type.

Flawless in making it look like you are never trying too hard. Ensuring that you look comfortable and happy in what you decide to wear.

Great style takes time and energy.  First, deciding on the staples of your wardrobe; the investment pieces.  Next, carefully building your closet which means that every item has a purpose.  Shopping is buying pieces that you have already carefully selected because they fit into what you already have.  Shopping should not be selecting random stuff and hoping that it works.  Last, never stop browsing online and in store.  Keep up, keep current and have FUN!



Style at the Oratory

MK tank Vintage LV purse Chanel glasses

Fresh nails

Ipsy glam bag nail polish sample.

Perfect liner

Nars illuminator

Engagement photoshoot

Montreal rooftop with my husband. On him- Burberry suit Me- MK dress and shoes

Summer Style

Chanel glasses MK dress and wedges LV bag